Tips On Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance, Tampa, Fl

Air conditioning has come up with several innovations during the past few years. There is the Energy Efficient AC wherein it promises higher energy efficiency, cooler air, and lower monthly bills. There is the Variable Speed fans that provide precision cooling and more silent running fans. There is also Zone Heating and Cooling—probably one of the best advancements in air-conditioning where warm or cool air is managed in various rooms by a centralized panel for higher efficiency. These three innovations have raised standards in air conditioning, and have added new requirements for AC repair and maintenance for manufacturers and repair companies in Tampa, FL.

So, here are a few tips on keeping your AC system working and in good condition.

Constantly check your freon levels. Air conditioning repair in Tampa, Florida can sometimes be expensive, especially if your AC is the heavy duty kind. In order to avoid overheating, do a regular check on your freon levels. A low level means there might be a leak which means you should have it repaired immediately.

Spending for an annual check-up and for your air conditioner and furnace couldn’t hurt. Most air-conditioning repair companies in Tampa, FL offer these services, and availing it once a year is a good way of keeping your system in check. Furnace repair in Tampa almost costs the same as other air AC repair services. It is recommended that AC check-ups be done during the spring, and furnace repair or check ups during fall.

Keep your condensing unit clear. The condensing unit is found outside. Making sure that it is free from stacked leaves or other hindrances will save you and the air-conditioning repair company valuable time. Your unit draws air into the system though the outside condenser, and having something block the airway will most likely prevent it from cooling your house. Some owners cover up their condensers to protect it but this is a wrong assumption. You have to know that condensers were build to withstand outdoor conditions. You can keep your condenser in check by regularly turning on the unit (even before the hot months) to know if it still working. Also, constantly clean your filters for better air passage and to keep your evaporator from freezing up.

Check thermostat settings. Be sure the thermostat is set in the cooling mode. Just setting the dial below room temperature will not activate the air conditioning if it is set in the heat mode. Also, make sure to handle dials or buttons with care because initial control of the unit is through the panel control. Regularly clean this panel and clear it of any stuck pieces of particles or dust.

Do not use water or a hose to give air conditioners a thorough clean up. An extensive clean up is better left to professionals. Air conditioning repair shops will inspect the thermostat, clean and inspect the filters, check electrical components and controls, check oil motors, and inspect the heat changer for cracks. Repair companies in Tampa also offer heat and furnace repair.

However, maintenance is sometimes only a part of the whole equation. You must also make sure that you buy a reliable brand of air conditioner because choosing the right product can save you a lot of money and a lot of calls to the repair shop. Also, most repair companies carry and service the more well-known brands such as: Carrier, Trane, Amana, Goodman, Rheem, Frigidaire, American Standard, Bryant, Janitrol, York, Ruud, Weatherking, Tempstar, Payne, Comfortmaker, Gibson, Heil, Intertherm, Lennox, Luxaire, Tappan.

The Basic Joys Of Air Conditioning Repair Southlake Service

The AC units in a residential house are pricey. If units are not set and preserved as needed, chances are, they may breakdown and stop working. That will suggest paying fees for repairs. People who know to take care of their items may frequently take advantage of many years of service. Preservation for a device may be performed by local air conditioning repair Southlake specialists.

The work of a business that has the capacity to accomplish AC repairs is a sensible choice for homeowners if they are unsure of the actual problem. Organization specialists often have a method to identify any difficulty with any devices in a residential home. There could be some difficulty with the inside or outside of the unit. The repairs for any AC model may be anticipated because of the poor maintenance.

Homeowners might not know to get proper care of their unit. When a fresh product gets installed, then homeowners often overlook the need for preservation. This will be a better way to avoid regular breakdowns and a number of issues that could occur. Experts who focus on AC units are authorities who are qualified to fix issues and are educated on how various items operate.

The owners of any AC devices should seek out a repair facility the moment a scenario occurs. That is generally acknowledged as a requirement for help because of issues that will occur with the machine. All the difficulties with these materials is due to not finding out when maintenance is needed. Those who use their model annually could possibly be complacent about probable problems.

Usually an AC system might have minimal refrigerant or coolant work because of a leak. Professionals of often have techniques for any repairs whenever a drip is present. They may then complete a simple check of the refrigerant level. The compressor on the unit also can split up if is has extensive use. That may lead to more wear. A critical component to keep in mind is a drip might lead to a dip in performance.

Failures can occur due to frequent running of a machine. Subsequently, there is deterioration that could occur in which a specialist can address. Ruined pieces of a unit are often replaced. Moreover, the thermostat could also produce an issue that may trigger AC items to improperly cool a home. This can be an issue that any qualified expert can certainly prevent.

Ease of use is among the countless benefits that is liked by any homeowner applying a new AC unit. In the event a dysfunction can happen, then all they need to do is contact a nearby restoration shop. A specialist will undoubtedly be out to deal with any specific problem. Many homeowners may be persuaded to work on the items themselves, but that function is perhaps not recommended.

Typical preservation by any specialist can restore AC units to an excellent functioning condition. This implies an extended use for up to many years. But, some items might be beyond this sort of condition and will need a replacement. Homeowners should take into account unexpected repairs when ignoring typical maintenance of their AC system.

Tips To Choose An Air Conditioning Replacement And Repair Service Provider

An air conditioner (AC) is an indispensible electrical appliance, especially if you live in the warmer parts of the country. A faulty AC can cause a lot of discomfort to people using it. Moreover, as these appliances refresh and circulate air, if these stop working, the interiors become stuffy and stale. That is when you need to contact an air conditioning replacement and repair expert.
Air conditioning experts are professionals who deal with repair and replacement of air conditioners. If the air conditioners of your home are beyond repair, an expert replaces it with a new one. Some of the important tasks handled by an air conditioning replacement and repair expert involve
1. Installation of air conditioning appliances.
2. Dealing with the maintenance of these appliances.
3. Servicing air conditioning devices in order to make them more energy efficient.
So, if you find your ACs not working properly, or if they are showing signs of malfunction and are emitting a foul odor or disturbing sounds, contact an expert. However, you should remember that not all the air conditioning experts you come across can be reliable. Only a few of those service providers are actually professionals with years of experience in dealing in repair, maintenance and replacement of such appliances. But, how would you distinguish a reputed service provider from a less experienced one? Given below are certain tips that would help you choose the right air conditioning replacement expert:
1. Make sure that the professionals you are choosing are licensed to do the repair and the replacement of the ACs.
2. Check if the professionals have valid registrations and certifications of undertaking such tasks.
3. Generally, there are risks of injuries involved in repairing or replacement of such appliances. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the professionals are covered by insurance.
4 .A reputed air conditioning replacement service provider is approachable 24×7. So, it is important to check whether the experts are promptly responding to your calls or emails. If they are not, it’s better to stop dealing with them immediately.
5. Last but, not the least, you should ensure that the air conditioning replacement or repair service is affordable for you. For this reason you should compare quotes from a few different service providers before selecting one.
Are you seeking experts for air conditioning replacement? Arlington based Metro Energy Savers is the right AC service agency to approach if you stay around Dallas or Fort Worth metroplex.

All You Need To Know About UPS Repair Services

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) machines are integral components of industrial computers. To ensure that the industrial UPS machine works to its best performance level, they require regular attention and maintenance. A major problem can cause immense time delays, work downtime, and frustration for the user. Having an understanding of UPS problems and their repair can help a company to easily maintain a UPS. To meet this goal, one should take the help of an industrial UPS repair and service provider. These companies are certified to provide professional UPS repair services. They can also clean, test, rebuild, and recondition the UPS according to your requirements.

Points to Remember When Considering UPS Repair

Machine Warranty: An important aspect that must be first looked into is the warranty. If the industrial UPS is given for repairs within the warranty’s specified time period, the servicing can be done for a lesser price. A warranty service usually covers:

Electronic components
Labor charges

Services of Industrial and Electronic Repair Companies: Industrial computers require specialized repair services that include fast diagnostics and repair at reasonable rates, high-tech equipment repair, reconditioning and replacement, and ability to handle small, medium, and large projects. Generally, industrial and electronic repair companies provide the following UPS repair services:

Part Replacement

Many companies also provide on-site repair so that it will take less time and the user can get back to work as soon as possible. Features of UPS Repair Services Once the right company has been chosen for industrial UPS repair, there are some aspects that need to paid close attention:

Battery Maintenance: UPS batteries usually last 3 to 5 years. This is the heart of the UPS and should be given first priority. Ensure that the industrial repair and service company provides battery maintenance plans that can be updated for future servicing needs.

Skilled Technicians: The service company’s team should be a group of qualified and knowledgeable engineers. Their performance will make a direct impact on how good the company and their services are.

Large Resources Base: Whether it is fixing an old component or replacing it with a new part industrial UPS repair companies should have a strong network of suppliers and manufacturers from whom they can source the best parts for fixing the UPS.

Long Term Solutions: It is important to work with a company that one can turn to for advice and long term solutions. They should be able to suggest the best upgrades and important points about using the industrial UPS that will help to prolong its work life and usage.

Understating all these points can be of immense help when finding the best UPS service company for your industrial UPS repair needs.

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Understanding the Computer Repair Service Agreement

Computers have become more and more indispensable to a person’s work. In fact, there is a growing number of professionals whose jobs are veritably tied to PC use. Understandably, your PC will have its concerns given the amount of use it is subjected to. That’s why you must have enough know-how so you can iron out a clear cut computer repair service agreement which will be advantageous both to you and the service provider.

Here are some things to consider when browsing the computer service and repair section.

Check all the things the ad says. They may offer repairs but not the ones you need. For example, your problem may have something to do with the hardware but the technician’s expertise is on software repair. You can avoid such disconnect if you read through their services carefully.

Take time to read all the items first before clicking on the ad that you like. This will show their track record as well as some testimonials that will verify their quality of work.

Talk to the technician. Through this, you can gauge from your inquiry if he/she is capable to troubleshoot your PC concerns and fix them. You can also clarify their add-on policies so you can avoid paying for services you don’t really need.

Scout for a minimum of three repair service ads before choosing the one you like. Your budget will definitely be the deal breaker but at the same time, don’t sacrifice quality work over cheap services.

Some computer repair service offers home service without extra charge. If you want to opt for this service, make sure you engage a reputable service provider. You might even have to be with technician throughout the process to ensure safety and security.

If you are calling for business computer repairs, have someone you trust and with the know-how to talk to them so they can explain to you what will happen if you let them take your computer apart.

Make sure that it is stated in the computer repair service agreement that they can only get payment if they are able to put together your laptop or computer and make it work.

Let the computer repair technician walk you through what he is doing. An excellent service provider educates the end-user. This kind of provider is willing to empower its customers to be able to do basic repair.

Computer repair is a viable business idea. Who knows? By constant observation, you may even be adept in repairing a computer and put up a repair service business of your own in the future.

It truly is a huge plus if you have a good grasp of how your PC works. This way you can do basic fixing by yourself. However, if your PC conks out on you and you need to engage the services of a technician, make sure you have read everything on the computer repair service agreement including the fine print. This will save you from poor work quality and unscrupulous deals which will be extremely disadvantageous to you.

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AAM scoops a mobile marketing award with Tsogo Suncoast Casino

At the recent Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties Awards held in Durban, Always Active Mobile (AAM) and Tsogo Suncoast Casino were honoured with a prestigious award for their livingTSOGO Moments campaign.
AAM scoops a mobile marketing award with Tsogo Suncoast Casino

Toasting South Africa’s best in mobile marketing

Hosted in Durban along with the Loeries® Creative Week™, the MMA Smarties Awards were held at Tsogo Sun’s Sky Bar with sponsorship by Standard Bank. With the Sky Bar offering a stunning panoramic view of Durban’s Golden Mile, a crowd of 200 plus gathered to celebrate and toast South Africa’s best in mobile marketing.

AAM scoops a mobile marketing award with Tsogo Suncoast Casino AAM scoops a mobile marketing award with Tsogo Suncoast Casino

“This was a special evening for us and we were truly humbled to win another award from the MMA. To share the evening with our Durban partners and clients made it even more memorable!” commented AAM’s General Manager Alan Haarhoff. “This campaign had all the right elements – a mix of channels taking into account the diversity of mobile phones in South Africa, great data and reports that analysed the data in real time. We’re super proud of what we have achieved on this as a team with Tsogo.”

livingTSOGO Moments

As part of its drive to create a united culture across its hotel and hospitality businesses, Tsogo turned to AAM to develop a mobile platform for their employee rewards program. Brought to life through AAM’s MySuperHero product, employees were presented with a campaign that enabled them to vote and rate each other based on the company’s core values. With monthly rewards such as cash prizes, movie tickets and duvet days on offer, voting is both fun and rewarding.

The Tsogo Sun campaign utilised reverse-billed USSD ensuring that the service was free for staff to use, and while voting was entirely voluntary as the campaign gained momentum voting became increasingly popular amongst the employees. Since launching the campaign at Suncoast Casino – Tsogo Sun, there has been a noted drop in disciplinary issues. Most impressive is that there has been a noted shift in culture with eighty per cent of turnover these days related to transfers and not exists. The campaign has created a climate where staff are appreciated for what they do.

About the Smarties™ Awards
The South African Smarties Awards are part of the only global awards programme created by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) specifically to recognise best-in-class mobile marketing campaigns from around the world.

MobileFocus: Rise of the instant messengers

While instant messaging (IM) for business is not a new concept for AAM (Always Active Mobile), the recent push by Facebook of its Messenger app for business shows just how important IM is becoming for brands seeking to effectively engage with consumers.
#MobileFocus: Rise of the instant messengers

Facebook recently integrated chatbots into its Messenger app enabling a new way for consumers to communicate with businesses – without having to download multiple apps. Chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, are designed to provide information through a natural conversational tone. With companies now able to build and put their own chatbots into Messenger they are better able to use IM services to interact with their customers. In essence this will provide consumers with a fast and easy way to engage with the brands that they already interact with in the real world.

“This is big news from Facebook because it shows how IM is becoming more exciting for brands, as it creates a space where brands can become an intuitive part of the messaging conversations of their customers,” says Alan Haarhoff, General Manager – AAM.


“AAM launched BrandChat in 2015 as an efficient and effective way for brands to manage instore promotions and activations,” says Haarhoff. “With research showing just how much consumers love instant messaging, we knew that IM was the perfect platform for brand engagement services.”

Since then AAM has worked with promotional agencies with national footprints to better manage their staff by having them check in and out of locations to prove their presence, as well as submitting pictures of their stands and reporting on sales figures.

“IM platforms such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger are seeing massive growth according to research from Effective Measure, so it made sense to integrate our BrandChat platform into the most popular IMs to take advantage of their reach and rich set of tools.”

WeChat, USSD and Facebook Messenger

BrandChat is integrated into WeChat, USSD and Facebook Messenger. “Our cross-IM integration ensures that we offer the most integrated platforms for brands to connect with their audience, this is ideal for brand promotions,” Haarhoff says. There are multiple advantages to building mobile business services within an IM, with one being the ability to develop two-way engagement with consumers.

“Our latest exciting development is that from June 2016 AAT will be offering Facebook Messenger Chatbots through our BrandChat platform,” says Haarhoff. “This will allow customers an even better experience when dealing with Brands via IM.”

Attention, marketers – South African consumers love mobile

Hot off the press, the MMA SA Mobile Report launched in April 2016 provides fascinating insights into the South African consumer and their love of mobile. For the fourth year running the report, sponsored by AAT and Yonder Media, takes a deep dive into the mobile habits of everyday South Africans, providing valuable insights for marketers looking to enhance their digital and mobile strategies.
Attention, marketers – South African consumers love mobile!

“The MMA SA Mobile Report paints a beautiful picture of how mobile is embraced by South Africans. This data assists us all – enablers, brands and organisations – to correctly leverage the ubiquity of mobile to ensure strategic and successful execution of mobile solutions and promotions,” says Alan Haarhoff, AAM – General Manager.

It comes as no surprise that 96% of SA working adults use a cellphone (up from 29% in 2000), however the type of phone has changed with feature phones no longer dominating and the adoption of Smartphone edging up to 51%. The rise in smartphone adoption is driving Internet access, which is overwhelmingly via mobile these days. When online the most popular activity for consumers is search, followed closely by instant messaging using applications such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

“Our research has found that smartphone adoption, and usage, broke away from regular desktop in mid-2014 and continued to accelerate to almost 20 million users in July 2015,” says Nicolle Harding, Country Manager at Effective Measure South Africa, who spearheaded the aggregation of the report data. “Internet access via smartphone will continue on a growth trajectory.”

However while increasing smartphone penetration presents an opportunity for forward thinking marketers, more traditional mobile marketing solutions such as USSD will remain popular with the majority of South African consumers’ as they are already familiar with USSD.

“Often first time smartphone users take time to learn how to fully use their device, as they battle data prices and struggle with Wi-Fi access,” Haarhoff say. “It’s therefore important that marketers take this into consideration, they need to understand the behaviours behind the statistic, and how these play out across different market segments.”

The research points to Internet penetration likely to reach 70% in 2-3 years, this is exciting in light of the positive impact the Internet has on economic growth and prosperity. Another interesting finding is that also there are now more people with tablets than home phones in South Africa.

The report is jammed packed with valuable insights on marketing and behavioural markers for brands operating in the South African market. “As a mobile first country the MMA is doing excellent work in South Africa and AAT is proud to be a member and to co-sponsor the 2015 AMPS Stats,” concludes Haarhoff.

The Development Of Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Systems

Since early times, man has tried to find ways to adjust the temperature of the environment to meet his needs. This instinct has led to the development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Nowadays, these have become so much a part of our lives that we have them in almost every building and home. Naturally, air conditioning repair, furnace repair and other heating systems repair and maintenance have become very important everywhere, including here in Tampa FL.

For heating, the early Romans had the hypocaust. It used a basement furnace which distributed heat through flues to warm up rooms in the house and create steam for baths. Between 1500 and 1600, the use of chimneys in homes had spread from Europe to the United States. Wood and coal were burned in fireplaces. By the 1700s and 1800s in England, big factories were being heated using direct fired heat exchangers which were systems of furnaces and pipes. Higher capacity boilers were developed. By the 1900s, several other developments came in rapid succession, eventually including the development of heating panels for ceilings and floors.

For ventilation, medieval Egypt had its own version of ventilators as early as 1200. By the 1500s to the 1600s in France, ventilators were used in mines, directing fresh air down into the shafts. By the 1700s and 1800s, ventilators already used centrifugal fans.

For cooling, early Egyptians had themselves fanned by slaves while Indians used fans pulled by ropes. Early wealthy Romans cooled their houses by having water flow through pipes hidden behind their walls. In China, manually controlled rotary fan wheels were invented in the second century. By 747, the rotary fan wheels were already water-powered. In medieval Persia, a system of cooling used cisterns and wind towers. Cisterns were huge pools of collected rain water located in courtyards. Wind towers were high windows that caught the wind and directed it downward through internal vanes to flow over the cistern and outward through another cooling tower downwind. The evaporating air from the cistern cooled the surroundings.

By 1902, the American engineer Wills Carrier invented the very first air conditioner, which was then called the Apparatus for Treating Air. It used chilled coils to cool the air and decrease humidity. Carrier’s first machine was made for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Co. in Brooklyn, New York but air conditioning was quickly adopted for use in other industrial buildings including textile mills, printing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals. The first home air conditioner was acquired by Charles Gates of Minneapolis in 1914. These first air conditioning units used toxic ammonia as coolant, though, and was, therefore, quite dangerous. They were also very large. By 1922, however, Carrier was able to replace the ammonia with the safe coolant dielene. He also added a central compressor that enabled him to make smaller air conditioners.

Make sure you are knowledgeable in the proper maintenance of your air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems as this will lengthen the periods between air conditioning repair, furnace repair and other heating systems repair. It is still very important to ensure that you have a reliable air-conditioning repair, furnace repair and other heating systems repair service, though. No matter how properly you use your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and how well you maintain them, you will still need air conditioning repair, furnace repair and other heating systems repair sooner or later. To see how extensive the experience of your AC repair center is, check if the have the following brands carried & serviced: Carrier, Trane, Amana, Goodman, Rheem, Frigidaire, American Standard, Bryant, Janitrol, York, Ruud, Weatherking, Tempstar, Payne, Comfortmaker, Gibson, Heil, Intertherm, Lennox, Luxaire, and Tappan. Also make sure that your furnace repair and other heating systems repair centers are just as reliable and experienced. It would be even better to have a unified air conditioning repair, furnace repair and other heating systems repair center in Tampa, FL.

The Difference Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler And Brakes Can Make

Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes in Tampa, Florida is a family-run business that has been providing quality automotive services since 1978. Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes provides automotive service ranging from car repair, engine repair, AC repair, check-ups, diagnostic services and many more. Known as one of the leading experts in the field of auto service, we understand how to take good and proper care of cars to meet the satisfaction of all our clients. Our professionals know the best way to care for both our clients and their cars, and they can see and feel the difference immediately once they take their car out for a ride. We provide honest and affordable service that has been satisfying our customers for more than three decades. Our services include:

Auto AC Repair

Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes offers the residents of Florida a respite from the heat by making sure that their AC is working properly right when they need it. We can do anything with your automotive air conditioning system, ranging from check-ups to repair, including compressor replacements.

Exhaust System

At Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes, our professionals can optimize your resonators, mufflers, and catalytic converters. We can provide our clients with designs specially made just for them and assist them with exhaust system deployment. Our clients don’t need to worry about their customized exhaust systems since our professionals can work with any configuration or application.


The specialists at Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes can fix any problem you’re experiencing with your brake line, caliper, pad, rotor, or anything else that has to do with your brake systems. We understand the importance of having brakes maintained in their best possible condition since these are the parts that you need the most. Let our professionals take care of your brakes so you enjoy driving without worries.

Car and Engine Repair

The expert mechanics at Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes can perform diagnostic tests to check whether your car and your engine are running as smoothly and properly as they should be. Our expert mechanic team can conduct routine maintenance using our top-of-the line equipment. We can provide any equipment your car and your engine need such as tires, rims, filters, fuel and oil pumps, fans, hoses, injectors, carburetors, rack and pinion, CV joints, oxygen sensors, radiators, and power steering including transmission repair, replacement and diagnostic services.

The Difference Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes Can Make

At Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes, we take care of all the automotive service needs of our clients. We work hard to ensure that our clients leave our shop with smiles and without worries about their cars. We encourage our clients to see us immediately as soon as they start to experience any car problems since any delays may just cause more complications. Our automotive and mechanic professionals make it easy for our clients to entrust their cars to us. We also offer lifetime warranties with certain services and products.

Contacting Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes

If you’d like to know more about our car and engine specialists at Mad Hatter Auto Service, Muffler and Brakes and what we can do for you, just head to our office in 4916 W Linebaugh Ave, Suite 101, Tampa, FL 33624. Our office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturday. Just call 813-374-9230 if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a consultation.